Who We Are

Lila Belle's Bakery...

Our original store, Mrs. Powell's Bakery, is now Lila Belle's Bakery as we franchise across the U.S. and internationally! Keep scrolling for more information about how YOU can own one of the best dessert shops in the world!

Let's keep this simple...


Our model is about as simple as it gets. We have:
- 1 baker
- 1 store staff
- A retail store with enough room for a register and and oven
That's it! No crazy overhead costs and teams of staff members to worry about. It's SIMPLE!

We keep things budget friendly...


- Cost of goods is significantly lower than most food industry businesses. We keep it around 15%!- Less staff means lower payroll!- A small retail storefront means much lower overhead costs.- Startup costs are as low as $129K!

Established in 1983!


Mrs. Powell's was established in 1983! We've seen all of the economic ups and downs, and we're still here and thriving!Not to mention, cinnamon rolls are a traditional favorite. They're made to be shared! Weddings, birthdays, thank you's, sorry's, congratulations...the list goes on! Cinnamon rolls feel like home!

"Cinnamon rolls are made to be shared"


We're here to be a part of your's and your customer's lives for years to come. We've seen the joy our World Famous Cinnamon rolls bring into people's lives, and want to share that with you! Contact us today for more information!

Answers to FAQ

- Sq footage required: 1000 sq ft
- Required Liquid Assets: $100,000
- Required Net Worth: $300,000
- Early Stage Potential Gross: You can expect a minimum of $300,000-500,000 very early on with a 15-20% net profit margin, after the franchising fees. If you can get good at marketing for catering and large events, you can expect quite a bit more gross than that. We will help with national marketing campaigns, but local marketing is extremely effective.
- Franchise Fee: $25,000 (for the first 25 franchises only)
- Royalty Fee: 5% (for the first 25 franchises only)
- National Marketing Fee: 2%
- Upfront Cost Average: As low as ~$129,000 (as currently designed). If you decide to add a catering trailer/truck as an additional revenue stream, it would be a higher cost, but potentially more revenue. Our cinnamon rolls do great at large and/or high traffic events.
You'll see two different names that we use. Mrs. Powell's is the original store, but we are changing it to Lila Belle's as we expand. There are a lot of reasons for this that we can discuss in more detail if requested.We keep our storefronts simple by design. This not only minimizes cost, but also creates a calming atmosphere for our customers. Buildout costs for the storefronts should be minimal. We also use all electric appliances for our baking so no gas lines are required.



Reach out to us today with any questions about getting started with your own Lila Belle's Bakery!

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